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     Hello Everyone. I'm Auran Shereef. Konnex Consulting spawned from my previous company Konnex which I founded in my college dorm room. After graduating from the University of Maryland I worked at a series of Dept of Defense companies. But when I was 24 I picked up a copy of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Upon reading the book I discovered "the secret" that lies within...Utilizing the "Law of Attraction" I manifested meeting the legendary Bob Proctor when I was 26.

I attended his program called the Matrix and it changed my life. From that point on I founded a software technology company called "Konnex". After a serious Motorcycle Accident and getting a second chance at Life. I decided to pursue my Dream.

A few days after my 26th Birthday, I was involved in a horrible Motorcycle Accident​

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After Spending 3 months in a wheelchair and not being able to walk. I was able to fully recover because of my Amazing Mother.

After this motorcycle accident, In less than a year I built a successful software company, published multiple books and was interviewed on various shows.

      The goal of the company was to connect people together in an unforgettable way thorough our innovative software platform. Konnex would store the date, time, location of interactions amongst individuals.

    After a period of time I put the company aside to find a new direction. As a result I now run a software consulting agency with its primary goal to help business owners and individuals take their companies to the next level.

                               Konnex was relaunched on Jan 1st, 2021

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Meet the Konnex Team

Auran Shereef- Founder of Konnex

Auran Shereef has a vast background in Mechanical/Software engineering. Before Konnex Auran had a 10 year extensive successful corporate career in DOD contracting at companies including Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and NASA.

Alicia Porter- Director of Human Resources

Executive Assistant

Alicia Porter is the Director of Human Resources and Auran's Executive assistant. For any Media inquires or to schedule an appointment with Auran, Please email Alicia directly at [email protected]

Kelly Vines- Director of Buisness & Sales

Kelly Vines has an extensive career in business and real estate sales. Kelly Overseas the entire Sales Program at Konnex

Scott Gankhuleg- Director of Finance

Scott Gangkhuleg has an extensive background in buisness and technology finance. He overseas our finance department.

Blair Petring- Director of Social Media & Marketing

Blair is experienced in Social Media Marketing and strategy. She leads our marketing strategy division

Inspirational people that helped me along the way. Auran is a Professional Networker.

Bob Proctor- The Legend

I met Bob Proctor when I was 26 years old and he completely changed my life. This Picture was taken outside his house in Toronto, Canada

Kevin Plank- Founder of Under Armour

I met Kevin Plank at the University of Maryland when I was 24 and attended his Competition "Cupid's Cup" and he inspired me to start my company.

Brendan Iribe- Founder of Oculus

I met Brendan Iribe at the University of Maryland while attending a hackathon called Bitcamp. He was a major inspiration to me.

Steve Case- Founder of AOL

I met Steve Case at his speech at University of Maryland. He also inspired me to start my company.

Christopher Scolese- Former Director of NASA

I met Christopher Scolese when I was working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This picture was taken when he delivered his "Maniac Talk" 

President Pines- President of University of Maryland

I met President Pines when I was a freshmen at the A. James Clark school of Engineering. He inspired and motivated me to become the best engineer I could be.

James Loree-CEO of Black & Decker

I met James at a UMD business school event.

Marillyn Hewson- CEO of Lockheed Martin

I met Marillyn at a BEYA conference in 2014.

Lisa Atherton, President of Textron

I met Lisa at a UMD CEO event.

Barry Elckson- CEO of Airbus

I met Barry at a UMD fortune 500 event.

Anthony Casalena- Founder of Sqaure space

I met Anthony when he was being honored at UMD.

Tim Chi- CEO of Wedding Wire

I met Tim at his new office in DC.

Patrick Wohjan- Mayor of College Park

I met Patrick Wohjan at my new office in College Park.

Dr. Loh- Former President of University of Maryland

I met Dr. Loh on several occasions when I was a student at UMD.

Gary Williams- Former UMD Basketball Head Coach

I met Gary when he was being honored at UMD.

Mark Turgeon- Current UMD Basketball Head Coach

I met Mark at a country club function in Bethesda, MD.

Zachary Leonisis- Son of Ted Leonisis

I met Zach when he was being honored at Georgetown.

Sean Donovan- Producer of Think & Grow Rich

I met Sean at one of Bob Proctors Seminars

Brian Proctor- Bob Proctor's Son

I met Brian at Bob Proctors event,

Phil Goldfein- Hollywood Movie Producer

I met Phil at Bob's events.

Sandra Gallagher- Bob Proctor's Buisness Partner

I met Sandy at Bob's event.

Andrew Kortina- Venmo Cofounder

I met Andrew at a Hackathon at Yale.

Dr. Mote- Former President of Maryland- 1998-2010

I met Dr. Mote when I was a Freshman in College.

Dean Vijay Kumar- Dean of UPenn

I met Dean Kumar at Upenn Hackathon

Aaron Kruase- Founder of Scrub Daddy

I met Aaron at a casting call for Shark Tank in Phildephia

Lori- Founder of Cheeked-Shark Tank

I met Lori at Tech Day in New York

Anik Singal- Founder of LURN

I met Anik at his new office in Gaithersburg, MD.

Jimmy Kim- CEO of Sendlane

I met Jimmy at Anik Singal's event

Gerad Adams- Founder of Elite Daily

I met Gerad at his Fownders event in New Jersey.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg- Founder of Winspiration day

I met Wolfgang Sonneburg at Bob's Event.

Charlie Birney- Founder of Podcast Village

I met Charlie at one of my offices in Gaithersburg, MD.

Mike Volpi- Venture capitalist

I met Mike at Bitcamp.

Daniel Sugarman- CEO of Zentail, Y Combinator

I met Daniel at Bitcamp

Jon Talerico- CEO of a million in you

I met Jon at Aniks Singal's event

Matt Gallant-Former host of planets funniest animals

I met Matt at Bob's event.

Doland White- CEO of Rapid Crush 

I met Dolond at Bob's event.

Daniel Sugarman- CEO of Zentail, Y Combinator

I met Daniel at Bitcamp

Jon Talerico- CEO of a million in you

I met Jon at Aniks Singal's event

Randale Reade- President of DC Arch Angels

I met Randal at a New York Investor Conference

Blaine Bartlett- Public Speaker

I met Blaine at one of Bob's events

Koby Benvisiti, CEO of Modern Day Millionaire

I met Koby at Bob's event

Sam Medile- President of OCP, Angel Investor

I met Sam at UMD.

Dean Triantis- Dean of UMD Business School

I met Dean Triantis at UMD.

Ryan & Bryan Swann- Public Speakers

I met the Swanns at UMD.

Evan Lutz- Founder of Hungry Harvest

I met Evan at a UMD event.

Robert Hisaoka- Distinguished UMD Alumni

I met Robert at a UMD event

Dean Triantis- Dean of UMD Business School

I met Dean Triantis at UMD.

     I met Grant Cardone at his office in Miami, Florida

Ryan & Bryan Swann- Public Speakers

I met the Swanns at UMD.

I met Elena Cardone at the Fountainbleu Resort in Miami, Florida

Mindy- Shark Tank Casting Director

I've met Mindy on several occasions at Shark Tank Casting calls.

Ken Ulhman-CEO Margrave Technologies

I met Ken at WeWork offices in College Park

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